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Dec 02

A CNC machine for everybody

The X-Carve CNC machine is one of a number of CNC devices to hit the maker space in recent months. It is created by Chicago-based company, Inventables, which has had the brilliant idea of making it configurable, unlike its competitors. Inventables previously created a small CNC machine developed for the desktop which was called Carvey …

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Nov 27

The new AquAdvantage Salmon species

The United States FDA today authorised the very first genetically-modified animal species to be farmed for US dinner plates. Developed by AquaBounty Technologies, the AquAdvantage Salmon, as it is known, reduces the time it takes to grow farmed salmon to full size by half by incorporating a growth gene from the faster-growing Chinook Salmon as …

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Aug 27

Self-Sealing Resin Could Provide an Answer to Threats from Space Debris

A threat that all spacefarers fear is that from speeding orbital particles breaching the hulls of their spaceships. However, scientists might be on their way to solving this problem through the use of a new self-healing material. Developed by a group from the University of Michigan in collaboration with NASA, the novel material is comprised …

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Aug 06

The New Cool kid on the Block

A new Kickstarter project has recently been launched for the Nipi Cooler, a cold store cooler with a twist. The Nipi Cooler has 47 litres of cooling space, which can fit up to 70 tins of your favorite beverage, but additionally it also has 1,000 lumens worth of interior and exterior LED lighting. Not only …

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Jul 30

Is Someone Else Driving Your Car?

If you drive a late version vehicle, driver-assist technology currently operates a great deal of it on your behalf. Yet if that car is hooked up to the internet also, as many are, you could be giving a scary level of control to hackers. A pair of computer jocks have put on a remarkable demonstration …

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Apr 18

Welcome New Members

Hello everyone, Here at DoseOfTech we welcome anyone to use our site. We would like to say a big Welcome and Thank You! to all the new members that have signed up. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to use the contact form here. Or you can ask questions on the Forum …

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Apr 07

DoseOfTech Podcast – Episode 1

Here is our very first podcast. This episode stars Gage and new member Koen talking about gaming, technology and Gage’s 24 hour Livestream. Listen in MP3 HERE! Listen in WAV HERE! Let us know in the comment if you have any problems. – Joe, Gage & Koen

Apr 07

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