Category: Science

Nov 17

A cure for Alzheimer’s on the horizon?

Scientists at the Salk Institute in California have recently tested a developmental drug designed to combat the signs of old age which are directly correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. Using the memory-enhancing J147 compound, which was originally synthesised after examining age-related accumulations in the brain and shown to prevent memory loss in inherited Alzheimer’s, the scientists …

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Aug 27

Self-Sealing Resin Could Provide an Answer to Threats from Space Debris

A threat that all spacefarers fear is that from speeding orbital particles breaching the hulls of their spaceships. However, scientists might be on their way to solving this problem through the use of a new self-healing material. Developed by a group from the University of Michigan in collaboration with NASA, the novel material is comprised …

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Jan 21

Squid Skin Promises Future Advances in Screen Tech

Researchers have long admired the squid’s capacity to pick up the colour of its environments, then immediately transform its very own skin pigmenting it so as to camouflage itself. Therefore, a several programs have actually tried to develop synthetic substances that are equally able to alter colour on demand. Among the most recent investigations, being …

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