Category: Robotics

Feb 19

And then there were two….Atlas robots.

Boston Dynamics has recently revealed the latest member of its evolving line of robot creations in a brand-new video of a new Atlas robot. At 1.75m in height, the latest Atlas is much shorter compared to its previous version, however it is a far more capable machine. Not only is the new Atlas able to …

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Nov 07

Robot Deliveries

Skype founders Janus Friis and Ahti Heinla are leaving their offices and moving into the streets with their latest venture, Starship Technologies, which they hope will transform how goods are transported to consumers. Instead of the omnipresent man-and-a-delivery-van, they hope to be operating fleets of self-driving distribution robots that will take over delivery in the …

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Oct 05

Autonomous Road Shipping

Daimler Trucks has just retro-fitted its self-driving system known as the Highway Pilot to a Mercedes-Benz eighteen-wheeler lorry and, as of late, has been driving it down a stretch of the German Autobahn. This has now become the latest milestone in the development of self-driving vehicles with it marking the very first time a self-driving …

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Aug 11

Humanized Robots

Robotics studies are moving along at such a quick pace these days that it is often tough to identify the significant turning points in the development of this modern technology. One significant step forward is a new robot being developed at MIT called Hermes. Like other robots, it’s completely made of inorganic materials and electronics, …

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Sep 22

Gelsight Sensor for Robots

Scientists at MIT and Northeastern College have integrated a visual sensing unit, known as the GelSight sensor, into the manipulator arm of a robot. They utilized the GelSight sensing unit to image a USB symbol on a standard plug. For it to do this with even more accuracy, the cube-shaped sensing unit used 4 LEDs, …

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