by turbo

November 9, 2015

BeagleA new environmental sensing system will soon be able to inform you on ways to enhance your indoor environment. Canadian startup Beagle Sense has just recently introduced the Beagle sensor system that promises to monitor only those atmospheric parameters that are required. The sensors achieve this by each sensing unit only monitoring one metric of either temperature level, sound, light, air pressure, air quality or humidity, allowing specific sensing units to be positioned only where they are called for. To install the equipment in the home, new owners just need to plug in their base station and link it to a Wi-Fi network as well as a mobile device for maximum functionality. When positioned about the house, they start relaying their sensor data back to the base station for owners to observe using a web or mobile app. The Beagle sensors are each powered by 2 AAA batteries and communicate with the base station using Bluetooth although they also have the ability to save up to 2 weeks of measurements using their own internal memory allowing them to be relocated out of range of the base station for a while before synchronising with it once back in range.